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Far Cry : New Dawn A Touch Above.

 It is an action-adventure first-person shooter set in an open world environment which the player can explore freely on foot or via various vehicles. The game is set in the fictional Hope County, Montana and uses a reimagined version of Far Cry 5‘s map. The nuclear war portrayed in Far Cry 5 has reshaped the landscape so that new areas have become available for the player to explore while others are inaccessible.

The player assumes the role of a new character, whose gender and race can be customized. The Guns for Hire and the Fangs for Hire systems from Far Cry 5 return, with the character being able to recruit human survivors and animals for combat assistance. In addition to new characters, the game’s cast includes an array of returning characters from Far Cry 5. The player character can also encounter several specialists who have their own personal missions, special abilities and story and help players to repair their weapons. New weapons are introduced in the game, including a “Saw Launcher” that fires the blades of circular saws. Players acquire new weapons and attachments, which can be upgraded to three different levels through crafting and finishing missions. Vehicles can also be crafted.[

Players can embark on treasure hunts and liberate different enemy encampments and outposts. Once liberated, they become fast travel points that enable players to quickly navigate the world. These outposts can be occupied and used to manufacture ethanol fuel or raided for resources which leaves the outpost open to “escalation”, in which the Highwaymen may reclaim these camps. This allows the player to replay the outposts on higher difficulty settings. The game also features an upgradable home base named Prosperity, which would slowly expand and grow in size as players progress. The game also features a mode called “Expeditions”, which allows the player to travel to other locations in the United States such as Louisana to look for more resources and packages.As these regions are outside the main map and smaller in size, the development team was able to create more complex environments for Expeditions. Expedition missions can be completed with other players.

Weapons List

Far Cry New Dawn Rank 1 Weapons

Rusty 1911Handgun703808
Rusty .44 MagnumHandgun1002906
Rusty SMG-11SMG3380030
Rusty MP5SMG3481024
Rusty M133Shotgun2001807
Rusty AR-CAssault Rifle3890030
Rusty SVDSniper Rifle852805
Rusty M60Light Machine Gun4052650
Treebranch BowBow-Stealth200601
Rusty RPG-7Rocket Launcher300101
Rusty FlamethrowerFlamethrower7520100
Saw Launcher V.0Sawlauncher200821

Far Cry New Dawn Rank 2 Weapons

Makeshift M9Handgun15042510
Makeshift P226Handgun10041010
Makeshift MP34SMG5860032
Makeshift MP40SMG4855048
“Space Force” Vector.45 ACPSMG58120040
Makeshift M133 MSShotgun2731809
“Retro Sci-Fi” M133 MShotgun2731809
“Sin Eater” D2Shotgun6151802
Makeshift SBSShotgun4281802
Makeshift 45/70-TAssault Rifle – Stealth2001804
Makeshift AK-47Assault Rifle6760040
Makeshift 308 CarbineSniper Rifle2501655
“Claymore” SVDSniper Rifle2002805
Makeshift M60LMG60526100
“Hurk’s Wrath M249LMG60800160
Makeshift RAT4Rocket Launcher500101
“Blast-Off” RAT4Rocket Launcher700101
Chosen BowBow – Stealth400601
Makeshift SlingshotSlingshot – Stealth400601
Saw Launcher V.1Sawlauncher – Stealth400821

Far Cry New Dawn Rank 3 Weapons

Optimized A.J.M.9Handgun85105018
Optimized SKORPIONHandgun6586930
“Guerilla-Gear” .44 MagnumHangun3252906
Optimized Vector.45 ACPSMG75120040
Optimized MP5SDSMG – Stealth12581024
Optimized 1887Shotgun4151809
Optimized MS16Assault Rifle – Stealth25065015
Optimized AKMSAssault Rifle10060040
Optimized MBP .50Sniper Rifle – Stealth40016510
“Gardener’s Fury” M249LMG85800160
“Graffiti” M249LMG85800160
Optimized RAT4Rocket Launcher700101
Optimized Recurve BowBow -Stealth800601
Optimized FlamethrowerFlamethrower12520100
Saw Launcher V.2Sawlauncher800829

Far Cry New Dawn Rank Epic Weapons

“It’s A Tarp” P08Handgun – Stealth26537010
“DIY” D50Handgun40025510
“Blood Dragon” A.J.M.9Handgun135105018
“X-Mas TAPE” A-99Handgun – Stealth13585030
“Belt It Out” BZ19SMG10070084
“Spraypaint and Pray” SPAS-12Shotgun – Stealth3982409
“Such a Boar” D2Shotgun9451802
“Blissful Agony” D2Shotgun9451802
“Rock-Paper-Scissors” AR-CAssault Rifle15590030
“The Works” BP-2Assault Rifle – Stealth14080040
“Giant Tool” M-16Assault Rifle10090030
“Radiation-Pink” AK-MSAssault Rifle15560040
“Length Of Pipe” SA-50Sniper Rifle – Stealth80018010
“Space Force” SA-50Sniper Rifle – Stealth80018010
“Guerilla-Gear” MBP .50Sniper Rifle – Stealth80016510
“Blunderbuss” MG42LMG1151176200
“Bison Burger” M-79Launcher700301
“Color Spray” M-79Launcher700301
“Lucky Shot” Compound BowBow – Stealth1200601
“Blood Dragon” Recurve BowBow – Stealth1200601
“Weedkiller” FlamethrowerFlamethrower25020100
“Unicorn” FlamethrowerFlamethrower25020100

Official Minimum Requirements

  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64bit versions only)
  • PROCESSOR: Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3.1 GHz or AMD FX 6350 @ 3.9 GHz
  • RAM: 8GB
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 (2GB) or AMD Radeon R9 270X (2GB) or better
  • RESOLUTION: 720p
  • DIRECTX: DirectX June2010 Redistributable
  • SOUND: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card with latest drivers
  • HARD DRIVE: 30 GB available space
  • PERIPHERALS: Windows-compatible keyboard, mouse, headset

Official Recommended Requirements

  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64bit versions only)
  • PROCESSOR: Intel Core i7-4790 @ 3.6 GHz or AMD Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.2 GHz
  • RAM: 8GB
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (4GB) or AMD Radeon R9 290X (4GB) or better
  • RESOLUTION: 1080p
  • DIRECTX: DirectX June2010 Redistributable
  • SOUND: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card with latest drivers
  • HARD DRIVE: 30 GB available space
  • PERIPHERALS: Windows-compatible keyboard, mouse, headset

Far Cry New Dawn, ReviewsVideo game

7.5/10 70% PC Gamer      73% Metacritic

Price – 39.99$ xbox live


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